It’s that time of year again!

16DB2197-5BAA-473E-8006-B4DF1511026DIt’s a new year and 2017 is history. It ended in a hectic holiday show schedule with the family holidays to follow. But with a flip of the calendar and a big sigh that might have said, “ we did it again,” here we go again. You know that while a duck glides across the pond slowly, gently and without much movement,  below the water the duck is paddling like crazy. Such is this time of year at My Vintage Varia. It’s cold, it’s snowing, no shows for a couple months and it feels like nothing is going on. But in reality a new year must be planned. Believe it or not, all of the terrific shows we will participate in must be applied for months in advance. We already know where we will be displaying in December of this year. (A partial calendar of events can be reviewed on our events page here.)  In addition to schedule planning we need to do a re-count critique of existing inventory, potential inventory and just discuss the successes and disappointments of the 2017 shows. Maybe there will be new color choices, furniture styles and more creative elements we want to try. All of these decisions need to be made at this time of year. By March it will be too late. All businesses these days are constantly evolving and hopefully improving. It’s no different in the Vintage world. Many things work well, and a few, not so much. But we desire to bring to our store and markets the most creative, high quality and interesting product possible.


This year you can expect to see even more clocks with new colors, new designs and some of the most unique timepieces made! We also are bringing a new color palette to our reclaimed furniture. We hear of many new trends regarding colors but we usually use our experience, talent and Paula’s intuition to make these choices. As always we stay away from “market” ordering and prefer to offer true American vintage. We find it, prep it, display it and hope everyone appreciates the real thing when it comes to Vintage. No made in XXXXX here. There was a time when all the best things originated with US builders, makers and designers. We take advantage of that mindset with our Vintage items.

It’s a new year. We will continue to work hard, hope for the best and enjoy the people, places and great vintage items that come our way. Happy New Year!



News Alert: “ Junkstock changes its name to JunkClock!”

1ECBC253-B032-43E5-AAEF-23997500407DNaw, not really. But they could. We traveled to Junkstock (America’s premier Vintage market) no less than four times this year and boy did we sell clocks! It began at the Spring market when the first clock left the barn in the first few moments of the show, it ended in December when the first clock of the show was sold five hours prior to opening.   Is it wrong to say these timeless items stood the test of time as we gave Omaha the time of day? Uh, yeah. Let’s just say there have been so many happy people take one of our creations home to be used in lots of settings. New homes, new additions, over fireplaces and on vaulted walls. Where there was a wall we had a clock.


The customers often said this common comment; “ We have seen other clocks and other spool clocks but none of them were as cool as yours.” That makes us happy! We spend a great deal of time and talent creating these beautiful clocks from reclaimed cable spools. We  find them, disassemble, plane, sand, stain, distress paint, hand number, rust, varnish, reassemble and wrap each clock before it’s delivered. Why wouldn’t they look cool?

CA2E88D3-E5F0-4C9A-86DF-62A23B33BFCAWe don’t even remember why we made our first clock four years ago. It wasn’t a planned event, it just happened. From the first single clock that had three customers clambering over it, we knew we might have something. Yep, from that first show we have lost track of the actual count of created clocks sold around the Midwest. Who would have thought? Of course we still offer a large collection of true found vintage items that round out the booth. You might find an antique ironing board, a mid-century martini set or a kitschy lamp. Never a catalogue bought “inspired” item here. The only inspiration is “true” Vintage!


The first Junkstock of 2018 happens the first week in April. If you ever wanted to take a short road trip from the St. Louis vicinity and see a well planned, well run, fun Vintage event, this is it! There are usually twenty food vendors, about a dozen live music bands and 200 Vintage vendors. This show is modeled after the historical Woodstock rock concert of the sixties. Junkstock takes place on the expansive Sycamore Farms in Waterloo, Nebraska. ( just a stones throw from downtown Omaha) there is plenty to see and do all done under the blanket of Nebraska hospitality.

So while we vote for the new name of JunkClock, in reality, Junkstock sounds just perfect!


Holiday Vintage Season is in High Gear!


Vintage pop-up markets have an ever-changing atmosphere throughout the year. From the Spring shows with the heavy floral influence to the Summer shows with all things outside including outdoor furniture and decorating items. Fall is when the big shows happen. Everyone loves the colors, smells and flavor of harvest time. But now, it’s the Christmas holidays and can anything be better? At these vintage markets you’ll see new ideas using older items and often real vintage lights, decorations, Santa’s and snowmen. The look of the old vintage decorations bring back the simpler time of celebrating. At our last show in DesMoines, Iowa we caught a glimpse of authentic metal and wooden sleighs, mold formed lighted Santa’s and carolers along with real department store figures still working like in 1940! Shoppers couldn’t help but get in a good mood.


We have two more holiday markets to go. The first is in Belleville,IL. The Forever Vintage Christmas market takes place at the Bell-Claire Fairgrounds on December 8th, 9th and 10th. This is a fun one with over 100 vendors and close to St. Louis.


Then on December 15th, 16th and 17th we finish 2017 once more in Omaha,NE. Our favorite show Junkstock, for the first time, is presenting Junkstock, Winter Wonderland! This will be a fun finale to a jam-packed year of shows for us. Only the indoor buildings will be used for this celebration. All filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas. Outdoors will be wagon(sleigh) rides, hot drinks, carolers and a snow slide right out of “A Christmas Story.” We can’t wait for this!


Wherever you travel this holiday season, please remember the home-town small businesses. We all work hard all year to bring the best and most beautiful vintage and up-cycled items to your area every weekend. We do it cause we love it but it’s difficult to compete with the box stores and flood of imitation foreign made vintage items. Shop small!




Nothing but green pastures in Kentucky!


This past weekend found us in beautiful Lexington,KY at the Kentucky Horse Park. This was the site of Vintage Market Days.  The park played host to a three day show horse competition and VMD. Located in one of the large arenas, seventy-five Vintage vendors displayed their vintage goodness to hometown Kentuckians. Over twenty-seven states were represented at this market. Beautiful weather, beautiful venue and one of a kind vintage finds brought the customers out by the carload!


In the shadow of Man’o War we experienced Kentucky hospitality at its finest. From our booth we could walk up a short hill to stables where not one, but two Kentucky Derby winners now reside. Not all product sold was horse related however. Our trailer was considerably lighter for the return trip. Several Clocks, hand-made pumpkins, furniture and miscellaneous vintage items found new homes.


Vintage Market Days is held twice each year in Lexington during Spring and Fall.

Junkstock, Woodstock- Potato, Potawto



At least twice a year we are proud to say we are vendors at the now famous Junkstock Vintage Market! The name is no accident. Owner Sara Alexander wanted a vintage festival mimicking the historic rock festival. The location is on a large acre farm with original barns, sheds and stables. At Junkstock you’ll find eleven bands, twenty-two food trucks and over two hundred vintage vendors. There is a Spring and Fall show with a possible June event. Country Living listed Junkstock as one of the top ten festivals in America. That’s saying a lot.

Our booth space is in the Sycamore Farms Arena. Dry, cool and clean! Return customers know where to find our collecti-on of clocks and vintage mid-century goods. It’s like a family in the arena. We help each other load, unload and with lunch breaks. There is a diverse assortment of all kinds here. Jewelry, primitives, metal goods and true collection table vintage finds. The rules state that there is to be no imported or catalogue shopped goods at Junkstock. Unfortunately one of the few in the country holding to this.

The market runs from 8am on Friday for early birds to 5pm on Sunday when we all breathe a sigh of relief. If you are up for a fun road trip, keep Junkstock on your list. Preferably at the top!IMG_6426





Pre-order your clock today!

Check out our Fall show schedule. We may be coming to a town near you! If so, did you know a beautiful clock creation can be made just for you prior to our visit? IMG_6426

All you need to do is message or call us, pick out a design and buy. We’ll make it right away in time to place in your hands at the local show. No shipping cost! Save and enjoy.

We have Forever Vintage in Chesterfield Valley, Vintage Market Days in Lexington and the biggest show of the year…Junkstock in Omaha coming up next. These clocks don’t last long so please place your order soon. We will make a family heirloom for you!

Fall Show Schedule Begins at HobNob Market!

Another reason Sunday should be a day of rest is because most Saturday’s are usually Vintage Show days! We returned home around 8:30 last evening from, the always fun, HobNob Market in Altamont, IL. We have displayed there many times at the fairgrounds and this weekend was even better with the greatest weather ever. No rain, all sun, cool temperatures and unbridaled enthusiasm for vintage!

The show began at 2pm Friday for an early bird afternoon of shopping. For us, that means up at 4am, pack and leave the house at six. Two and a half hours of driving finds us at the fairgrounds in Altamont just a few miles west of Effingham on interstate 70. We then unload, set-up and display tour goods. We usually call the end corner spot by the bandstand our store for the next two days. At the market you’ll find over a hundred vintage booths, live music and more food trucks/stands than you can visit. The first day ran until seven in the evening when eventually a lot of tired vendors called it a day.

Saturdays weather brought anxious hope for everyone looking for a good customer turn-out and lots of sales. We weren’t disappointed. The crowd was large in numbers and active up till the end. Our trailer would be a bit less full on the way home. Many of our signature clocks, cactus creations and miscellaneous collectibles decided to stay behind at new homes.

With almost two hours of breakdown and reloading, away we went. Good-bye HobNob until next time. We appreciate all of the hard work and planning Holly and Scott put in getting it to appear. All markets begin and end with the customers and HobNob customers are wonderful. We arrived home around sunset and checked off another market in the books. Many customers may question what the big deal is bringing stuff to a market and selling for a couple days. We log thousands of miles, handle pounds and pounds of furniture, and sometimes live on pain releavers but that’s the life of the pop-up vintage circuit. We like it, the product and the customers. So the next time you visit a sale keep in mind what it took to bring it that far. Taking it home is up to you!